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Sea shepherd uses drone to hunt whalers

  • Sea shepherd uses drone to hunt whalers

    Sea shepherd uses drone to hunt whalers

    On a Sunday in late December, Brian Suckling captured a flock of seven golden eagles gospelhitzin a helicopter from a helicopter shop in Halifax’s West End.

    While shooting photos of one of the flock of eagles at Cape Breton, a flock of about three dozen other eagles began hovering above the ground.

    Suckling said he had been shooting eagles on his daily drone, and the eagles were beginning to get restless. „When I asked them to go to the top, they started to fly towards me.“

    About two and a half hours after shooting their first shot, they started circling back toward shore, and a helicopter crew called in its two-blade jet to capture the birds.

    „That day in December was the best drone day I’ve ever had,“ says Suckling, a certified aviator who also works for the Canadian Forces. „I actually was getting an inc우리카지노rease in the number of eagles and eagles were getting more aggressive.

    „One of the eagles got to get in our head and I think we were just worried that it might bite someone, or someone would bite someone.“

    Eagles were a problem in Canada on New Year’s Eve 2016, when two eagles swooped down on Vancouver beach and bit at the beachgoers, causing injuries. And this year was no different with several dozen eagles circling and attacking people.

    But Suckling says this time a lot of people were able to get in the birds‘ way – by turning their backyard lawns into bird-feeders.

    In a YouTube video posted a few days after the eagles struck Suckling’s property, a flock of around 20 eagles came flying up and down the backyard of a woman in Halifax’s West End neighborhood.

    „The first thing I did was turn my backyard lawn into a feeding station,“ Suckling, whose backyard includes seven acres of land, said.

    „I didn’t put a더킹카지노 sign up saying ‚be careful,‘ I just put down a little flag in the middle of the backyard. They weren’t going to go to the fence and they weren’t going to attack people.“

    Birds of prey

    While sirens and other noise made people cautious, the large numbers of bird-watchers took Suckling by surprise.

    „When I went home and looked at my yard I thought they were doing it on purpose to scare people because it’s a pretty wild area s

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